Worlds Biggest Christmas Stocking


Along with all my PL” blankets,I have decided to help make the “World’s Biggest Stocking”. Yarnspirations and stitchers around the world are knitting and crocheting 3 ft. x 3 ft. blankets to be joined together to create the biggest stocking ever using Caron United yarn to support Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation.

Knit or crochet a piece of the stocking! Here are some free patterns that you can use, or use your own, as long as the blanket is 3ft. x 3ft Crochet Patterns, Knit Patterns

Blankets using any worsted weight yarn will be accepted, but only blankets made using Caron United include a 15 cents per skein donation to the  Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation.

Your purchase of Caron United supports military children left behind. 15¢ from every skein goes to the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation. Shop Now

Mail Your 3′X3′ Blankets To

Caron United – World’s Biggest Stocking Project
1481 West 2nd Street
Washington, NC 27889-4157

Magic Blanket


I started this  blanket a few months ago and put it down and got caught up doing other style blankets for Project Linus. I call this the “Magic Blanket” because I wasn’t happy with the colors, until I added the orange and magically I got the pop I was looking for. 50×50 .This is a solid granny square, you can find the free pattern, with excellent instructions at Fiber Flux .

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Rectangle Granny Blanket

DSC01173 (2)

Here is a “Rectangle Granny” that was very easy to make and large enough for a teenager. This is the largest blanket l have made for “Project Linus”.  Thanks to the “Crochet Crowed for the inspiration and pattern video.  68×50

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— Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Chunky Blanket


This is my latest blanket for Project Linus . This is a nice thick  corner to corner  blanket, using 2 strands of 4 ply worsted weight yarn, so “Chunky” is a great name for this cozy blanket. 42×42

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Super Star Afghan

DSCN0429 (2) DSCN0430


This  is my latest blanket for Project Linus. The “Super Star Afghan” pattern was  easy and very quick to make. You can find the pattern on the Crochet Crowd’s website, there is also a matching video.

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Flower Power Blanket!

DSCN0419  DSCN0420 (2)

This No-Sew Blanket is  an easy way to  make  a blanket for Project Linus or any charity organization you may be involved with. My husband and I had only one argument when we made this “Flower Power Blanket” . Here is a very simple video that shows how  easy  it is to make a  No- Sew Blanket. 43×55

Rectangular Corner to Corner Blanket

DSCN0411 DSCN0414

This is my first rectangular corner to corner blanket for Project Linus. This was a lot easier then I  anticipated, it is almost the same as the square corner to corner blanket, only difference is, once you have the width that you want,  you stop growing on one side  of the blanket and keep increasing the other side until you get the length that you want then you decrease both sides to finish. I have to give credit to the Crochet Crowd for great video instructions. The instructional video  shows you how to make a square corner to corner blanket, how to change yarn and how to make a rectangle corner to corner blanket. 43×55

Yarn Donations

DSCN0404 DSCN0405

Wow! I am truly lucky. I received  bags and bags of colorful yarn yesterday from my Project Linus chapter coordinator. What a great way to start off the new year!

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Honey Rose Blanket

DSCN0368 DSCN0369

Here is another “Corner to Corner” blanket for Project Linus, that my sister made in just seven days. The colors and shell stitch make this a very sweet blanket, hence the name “Honey Rose”. 46X46

Berry Patch Blanket


I call this blanket the Berry Patch because it reminds me of the colours of summer berries, another corner to corner blanket trimmed with the picot stitch.

This blanket was created by my sister , who  happens to be left handed. She completed the blanket in less then ten days.

I had a laugh trying to teach her the corner to corner pattern. Thank goodness for the internet, we  found a left handed crochet pattern, demonstrating the pattern easily. Here is a link for right and left handed box stitch to make a corner to corner blanket. 46×46