Rectangular Corner to Corner Blanket

DSCN0411 DSCN0414

This is my first rectangular corner to corner blanket for Project Linus. This was a lot easier then I  anticipated, it is almost the same as the square corner to corner blanket, only difference is, once you have the width that you want,  you stop growing on one side  of the blanket and keep increasing the other side until you get the length that you want then you decrease both sides to finish. I have to give credit to the Crochet Crowd for great video instructions. The instructional video  shows you how to make a square corner to corner blanket, how to change yarn and how to make a rectangle corner to corner blanket. 43×55

4 thoughts on “Rectangular Corner to Corner Blanket

    • Thanks for the comment, I use ergonomic crochet hooks that are just the right thickness to make crocheting easier on your hands. I find I can crochet for much longer periods of time without fatigue! The handle isn’t plastic, and it isn’t too squishy, it’s just the right combination of firmess and comfort. If you haven’t tried using one, I would suggest that you give them a try.


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