Baby Toes Challange


If you are able, make a donation of $10 – $25 to Project Linus. That’s it! Then share this message with 5 of your friends and ask them to do the same thing. We can easily reach tens of thousands of people who only need to make a small donation — and we can make this our own viral challenge. We’ll put updates on the Project Linus page to track how we are doing. We know that we can do this, and we know that we have thousands of supportive friends who will help us. We need your help! Share, share, share this message on Facebook, Twitter, and face to face with your friends and family. Then add the cute Baby Toes graphic below as your Facebook profile picture for the month of September. Let’s see how many Baby Toes we can see on Facebook!

One thought on “Baby Toes Challange

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