Infinity Doggy Scarf

It was another snow day here in my neck of the woods, some places got well over 12 inches of snow yesterday, and looks like more on the way. Mojo my best buddy, likes to watch me crochet,  I started to measure him, and of course he totally loved being measured. I was thinking of making him a sweater.  Well it didn’t turn out so good, lets just say , it ended up being a infinity scarf. As for Mojo he thought it was great.

DSC01011 (2)

Mr. Mojo rocks it! Well at least he thinks he does.


11 thoughts on “Infinity Doggy Scarf

  1. Mojo could be my “jacks” Brother! Very similar markings. My jack is 13 going on 14. I bought my Jack way back, from a farm in Tunbridge Wells, UK southern England. They just look very much alike. Love his scarf…..


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